Your Members Will Love Exercising in Europe!

And they can with our set of 10 Virtual Walk DVDs specifically designed for use with Treadmills, Nordic Tracks, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes, etc. Your Gym Members will enjoy the experience of "walking" in Rome, Venice, London, the Amalfi Coast, and in England's picturesque Cotswold Villages while exercising. It's better than watching the same old ordinary TV! Your members will look forward to returning again and again to exercise in Europe. Thousands of these DVDs have been sold to satisfied customers - and they keep asking for more Virtual Walk DVDs! (Read their comments - click on Feedback above.)

Whether it's burning fat or staying fit, these 10 Virtual Walk DVDs will turn boring into exploring! And your Gym's Members will benefit.

Thousands of satisfied customers have told us that our Virtual Walk DVDs make the time spent exercising fly by and encourage them to exercise longer than they've ever exercised before. And these DVDs are so rich in details that they notice something new every time they view them. They truly make exercising fun!

Your Gym will stand out from the rest - the only gym that offers their clients a daily walk in Rome, or London, or Venice!

Your Gym can have a set of 10 of these unique Virtual Walk DVDs at a special price for Gyms only of $99.95 with Free Priority Shipping! That's a 33% reduction from the regular retail price on our Treadmill Walks website! Order your set today - Your Members will love them.

This Set consists of 10 of our most popular European Virtual Walk DVDs: (Click on each title for a very detailed description with photos from that DVD.)

  1. "Ravello to Atrani," will take viewers on a widescreen Virtual Walk from the Amalfi Coast village of Ravello, summer home of the rich and famous, down the mountainside and into the picturesque seaside village of Atrani.
  2. "The Venice Walking Tour," takes the viewer on a Virtual Walk in Venice on a fall day as the city comes to life in the early morning. As the camera follows the narrow twisting passageways, you can almost smell the cappuccino and taste the freshly baked pastries as vendors open their shops. Further along, the camera passes gondoliers in their traditional garb awaiting passengers. As your clients enjoy their exercise using this DVD, many visual treats will be in store while crossing ancient bridges along the many canals and walking through this beautiful city like a Venetian.
  3. "The Rome Walking Tour," begins in front of the Arch of Titus and continues into the Ancient Roman Forum before moving to the Palatine Hill. Next the walk takes them to Piazza Navona and past the outdoor cafes and sidewalk art sellers. The walk continues to and inside the Pantheon and then to the Trevi Fountain. The one hour virtual walk ends inside the Coliseum.
  4. "Egypt Virtual Walk - Volume 1," begins on the Giza Plateau, beside the Pyramids - the only remaining of the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World." On your walk, you get close enough to the ancient blocks of stone to almost touch them. Your walk next takes you to one of Egypt's best preserved temples, the Temple at Philae dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. Next your walk takes you to the Temple of Isis at Edfu dedicated to the Egyptian God Horus. Of all the temples that still exist in Egypt, the Temple of Horus is the most completely preserved. Your 60 minute walk ends with a walk in the famous bazaar at Khan el Khalili in Cairo.
  5. "Amalfi Excursion," begins high in the ?Valley of the Paper Mills,? overlooking the town of Amalfi and the Mediterranean. As the old stone walkway curves gently and sweeps downhill, the camera passes lemon groves and then enters the ancient town of Amalfi filled with day tourists. Crossing the Piazza Flavio Gionia, and past outdoor cafes, this widescreen Virtual Walk ends at a small isolated beach.
  6. "Exotic Istanbul," begins by crossing the Galata Bridge which spans the Golden Horn. Soon you enter the Spice Market - also known as the Egyptian Bazaar - which is the second largest covered shopping complex in Istanbul. Then it's on to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (also known as the Blue Mosque) and a quick tour of its courtyard before leaving for a walk in the direction of Hagia Sophia, eventually passing through the Imperial Gate and into the First (outer) Courtyard of the Topkapi Palace with its beautiful tree-lined wide walkways. Next, another quick tour of the courtyard of the New Mosque built in 1597. Then on to a modern pedestrian only shopping district before entering the Grand Bazaar for a 10 minute tour. Leaving the Grand Bazaar, you walk briefly in a tranquil park before heading downhill to a busy street and a walk back towards the Galata Bridge, where your 1 hour Exotic Istanbul Virtual Walk ends.
  7. "Ireland Nature Walk," begins on a spring day deep in a forest in western Ireland. As you turn and head down a woodland path, you notice that the Irish forest is populated with a variety of plants. During your walk you pass through brick and stone walls on the grounds of an historic Irish country estate. The walk constantly presents you with divergent paths to take. Ireland in May is a walker's paradise. This treadmill walk is filled with an idyllic natural environment where moss and ferns interplay with old-growth cedar and fir trees. Nature lovers will appreciate this peaceful 1 hour walk.
  8. "Galway-Limerick Virtual Walk," begins outside the Kennedy Park in Galway walking towards Williams Gate and continues through many different sections of the city. The Limerick section of the walk begins beside scenic George's Quay and then passes the Mariners' Memorial beside the Shannon River. The 60 minute walk next takes you to Limerick's Peoples' Park, the city's principal park. Next, you experience Limerick's shopping district, not quite as busy as Galway's streets. And after pausing to view Limerick's historic Treaty Stone, your 60 minute treadmill walk ends near Thomond Bridge.
  9. "Cotswold Villages Walk - Part 1" takes the viewer on a Virtual Walk through four Cotswold villages: Chipping Campden, Broadway, Lower Slaughter, and Upper Slaughter. On the way, the viewer will pass sheep-filled meadows, tranquil streams, and a quaint old mill. The hour long widescreen walk ends beside the River Eye.
  10. "Cotswold Villages Walk - Part 2" takes the viewer on another Virtual Walk through five more Cotswold villages: Snowshill, Stanton, Bourton-on-the-Water, Bibury, and ends in arguably the most scenic village of all, Castle Combe - featured in the new motion picture, "Stardust."

And each of the 10 DVDs features a separate BONUS CHAPTER - 4 to 16 minutes in length - with a featurette on the locale of that DVD. To watch clips from the 10 DVDs, Click Here.

Customers Tell Us:

"Your product has made it much easier for me to get on the treadmill, as my Cardiologist has suggested to increase my workouts from 3 times per week to 6 or 7 times. Before finding your product, I had used regular travel DVDs during my workouts, but frankly, they did not inspire motion or a walking cadence as your virtual walk DVD does. I now enjoy the workout, rather than merely endure it. I'll undoubtedly add more in the near future, including the virtual bike rides for both my treadmill and my stationary recumbant. Great product! Allen"

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Constantly Adding More:

We are constantly traveling the world to film more Virtual Walk, Virtual Jog, and Virtual Bike Ride DVDs for our expanding Virtual Experience Catalog. Recently we returned from Egypt where we filmed Virtual Walks in High Definition at the Pyramids and several of the major temples. We next travel to Ireland and Scotland to film virtual walks, virtual jogs, and virtual bike rides there.

We Are Professionals:

We use nothing but professional tv cameras and Steadicam camera stabilization equipment to film our Virtual Walks. In fact, some of our European tv footage has been sold to and used in motion pictures and documentaries shown on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E, plus tv networks around the world.

Upcoming DVDs:

The following Virtual Experience DVDs have already been filmed and are in the editing process - look for them soon!

  • A walk at the Pyramids and Temples of Ancient Egypt
  • A walk in Ancient Pompeii
  • A walk in the Medieval town of Viterbo, north of Rome
  • A walk in the Bazaar at Khan el Khalili in Cairo
  • A walk on the Italian islands of Murano and Torcello
  • A walk on the isle of Capri
  • A walk in the UK cities of Salisbury and Canterbury
  • Two more walks in Hawaii
  • A walk in Coldwater Canyon near Hollywood
  • A walk in Maine's Acadia National Park
  • A walk through two cypress swamps in southern Florida
  • A Jog and Bike Ride through Beverly Hills, California
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